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本文摘要:A busy brain can mean a hungry body. 大脑辛苦可能会造成身体饥饿。We often seek food after focused mental activity, like preparing for an exam or poring over spreadsheets. 我们常常在集中于展开脑力活动后找寻食物,比如订正或读者报表。


A busy brain can mean a hungry body. 大脑辛苦可能会造成身体饥饿。We often seek food after focused mental activity, like preparing for an exam or poring over spreadsheets. 我们常常在集中于展开脑力活动后找寻食物,比如订正或读者报表。

Researchers speculate that heavy bouts of thinking drain energy from the brain, whose capacity to store fuel is very limited. 研究者猜测,高强度思维不会消耗脑部能量,而脑部存储养分的能力十分受限。So the brain, sensing that it may soon require more calories to keep going, apparently stimulates bodily hunger, and even though there has been little in the way of physical movement or caloric expenditure, we eat. 所以,大脑感觉自己有可能迅速就必须更加多热量来保持运转,似乎不会因此性刺激身体产生饥饿感。尽管完全没展开体力运动或经常出现热量消耗,我们还是不会不吃东西。This process may partly account for the weight gain so commonly seen in college students.这个过程可以部分说明大学生中少见的体重增加现象。


Scientists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and another institution recently experimented with exercise to counter such post--study food binges. 前不久,亚拉巴马大学伯明翰分校(University of Alabama at Birmingham)的科学家们和另一个研究机构试验通过运动对付自学后的暴饮暴食。Gary Hunter, an exercise physiologist at U.A.B., oversaw the study, which was published this month in the journal Medicine Science in Sports Exercise. 这项研究由亚拉巴马大学伯明翰分校的运动生理学家加里亨特(Gary Hunter)主持人,本月公开发表在《体育医学与科学》(Medicine Science in Sports Exercise)上。Hunter notes that strenuous activity both increases the amount of blood sugar and lactate — a byproduct of intense muscle contractions — circulating in the blood and augments blood flow to the head. 亨特认为,轻微活动不会减少在血液中循环的血糖和乳酸盐含量——这是肌肉轻微膨胀的副作用——减少脑部的血流量。

Because the brain uses sugar and lactate as fuel, researchers wondered if the increased flow of fuel-rich blood during exercise could feed an exhausted brain and reduce the urge to overeat.大脑以糖和乳酸盐为养料,所以研究者们想要告诉,磨练中减少的养料非常丰富的血流量否能给疲乏的大脑获取养分,从而减低过度喂食的冲动。Thirty--eight healthy college students were invited to U.A.B.’s exercise lab to determine their fitness and metabolic rates — and to report what their favorite pizza was. 38名身体健康的大学生被邀到亚拉巴马大学伯明翰分校的运动实验室,拒绝接受身体健康水平和代谢率检测,并报告自己最喜欢不吃哪种披萨。Afterward, they sat quietly for 35 minutes before being given as much of their favorite pizza as they wanted, which established a baseline measure of self--indulgence. 之后,他们绝食35分钟,然后他们想要不吃多少披萨就供应多少,以确认自我享乐的基线。

At a later date, the volunteers returned and spent 20 minutes tackling selections from college and graduate--school entrance exams. 在后来的一个日子里,志愿者们回到这里,花费20分钟时间做到从大学和研究生入学考试中挑选出的题目。Hunter says this work has been used in other studies to induce mental fatigue and hunger. 亨特说道,这种方法早已在其他研究中被用作引起精神疲惫和饥饿感。Next, half the students sat quietly for 15 minutes, before being given pizza. 接下来,其中一半学生绝食15分钟,然后喂食披萨。


The rest of the volunteers spent those 15 minutes doing intervals on a treadmill: two minutes of hard running followed by about one minute of walking, repeated five times. 只剩的志愿者用那15分钟时间在跑步机上做到运动:快跑2分钟,然后回头约1分钟,反复5次。This is the sort of brief but intensive routine, Hunter says, that should prompt the release of sugar and lactate into the bloodstream. 亨特说道,这种一段时间而高强度的运动应当能增进糖和乳酸盐获释到血流中。

These students were then allowed to gorge on pizza, too. 这些学生之后也被容许乐趣食用披萨。But by and large, they did not overeat. 总体来说,他们没过量喂食。

In fact, the researchers calculated that the exercisers consumed about 25 fewer calories than they did during their baseline session. 实质上,研究者们计算出来出有,这些锻炼者摄取的热量比在基线测试阶段约较少25卡路里。The nonexercisers, however, consumed about 100 calories more. 但是,那些没磨练的人约多摄取了100卡路里。When the researchers factored in the calories expended on running, they determined that those students actually consumed 200 fewer total calories after their brain workouts than the resting students.研究者们把跑步中花费的热量计算出来在内后找到,那些学生实质上在脑力活动后比其他学生一共较少摄取200卡路里。

The study has limitations, of course. 这项研究当然具备局限性。We only looked at lunch, Hunter says; the researchers do not know if the runners consumed extra calories at dinner. 我们只研究了午餐,亨特说道。研究者不告诉跑步者在晚餐时否摄取了更好热量。They also cannot tell whether other types of exercise would have the same effect as running, although Hunter says they suspect that if an activity causes someone to break into a sweat, it should also increase blood sugar and lactate, feeding the brain and weakening hunger’s call.他们也不告诉其他哪些运动会接到和跑步一样的效果,不过亨特说道,他们猜测,如果一项运动能让人呕吐,那么它应当也能减少血糖和乳酸盐获释,给大脑获取养分,从而减轻饥饿感。